Polypig was inspired by one of Binance Smart Chain's best community tokens. However, Polypig brings decentralization to its holders while keeping Pig's key benefits and lucrative tokenomics. Polypig once again is a black hole design that burns some of the total supply in circulation combined with an auto-liquidity feature with every transaction. It was fair-launched in June 2021 and is run by its community. Since the ownership of the project has been transferred to the burn address, the founding team is incapable of changing the smart contract or rugging the liquidity.

Binance smart chain was once the only alternative to avoid sometimes high Ethereum gas fees. However, now layer two solutions allow DEFI users to transact without having to fear regulation of a centralized exchange affecting their network. As of summer 2021, Binance has committed to embrace regulation worldwide exposing their user’s DEFI holding is a logical next step. To this end, the PIG token has been forked to a more decentralized network so DEFI users can have a second chance at the big gains BSC users experienced this spring on a more private network. Polypig’s mission is to Polygon’s community token click buy now and help us get there.


Liquidity is locked in SushiSwap and contract has been transferred to burn address.
Fair Launch
Fair Launch
No presale, the remaining POLYPIG supply was seated as liquidity.
Automatic Farming
Automatic Farming
2% of all transactions are distributed to token holders.
Fully Decentralized
Fully Decentralized
POLYPIG is owned by the community and run by volunteers.
Rising Price Floor
Rising Price Floor
4% of every transaction is locked as liquidity in SushiSwap, and POLYPIG Matic pool.
Whale Safe
Whale Safe
No transaction can involve more than 5 trillion tokens.

Token Distribution

1.5 % Founding Team

50 % Burned

48.5 % to Liquidity

Polypig is located on the Polygon network below are some resources to help you get set up.


Liquidity transaction

Liquidity Tokens burned

Contract Renounced


Network bridging by Connext

Beware of Liquidity Dips

Evo Defi Bride

Evo Defi Bride
Minimum $50 USD

Mexc Global            AscendEX



During times of high use gas fees of the Ethereum Network can get quite high. Eth 2.0 is still a while away, Polygon is a good solution to be decentralized while transacting cost-effectively.

While adding liquidity, the RPC the team was using went down. In any effort to launch the token the team added liquidity manually. The proposed market budget went into liquidity in error. The team decided removing it would be unfair to the holders.

POLYPIG was founded by thirteen DEFI investors, who met on Telegram. A few of them still volunteer their time and have built a community.

PolyPig has both a deflection and liquidity tax; you will need to adjust slippage to account for this. During times of high volume, you will have to further; 7-8% should do the trick.

The project had an airdrop marketing campaign in the summer of 2021. A project you held was chosen. Welcome to the family! Click Buy Now on Sushi to get more.